I have been teaching about the rise and fall of ancient civilizations for six years. I have found my students to be avid, excited learners about the development of civilization around the world.  I also learn as new ideas bubble inside of me when connections are made between content areas…for example, the transfer of energy.

While it might be obvious to some, I recently realized that power in civilization is not created, but transferred, as energy is.  As one civilization is crumbling into dust another is growing in fresh, fertile earth.  Concepts such as religion, government, and economics develop as necessary and often sound familiar.

It is no great surprise that as corruption infiltrates and festers in a civilization, the poor masses struggle to maintain integrity in the form of feeding their children daily bread. Consider Rome…it thrived on deceit from its ‘glory days’, when twin boys fight each other to the death over the name of their newly created city.  Is it coincidence that twin boys fought to the death in the Old Testament over a similar prize, that being possession? I am struggling to consider what is truth and what isn’t in historical recording.  The theme of good versus evil is ever-prevalent. Some nights my head swirls with the parallels in history. its as if I am trying so desperately to find an answer to an unknown question; something there but just out of reach.